YC/goat Compiler for university project, targetting LLVM IR.
YC/safe_ascii A tool for sanitising files to printable ASCII characters.
YC/fat-fuse A readonly FUSE implementation of Fat filesystems in Rust.

Website for AVPC

Feb 2020 - Dec 2022

Website for Australian Vision Photography Club, built with Gatsby, pulling content from Ghost CMS, AVPC competitions app/Go microservice and nginx.

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Competitions app for AVPC

Dec 2019 - Dec 2022

Picture submission and voting app for AVPC monthly competitions, built with Node.JS and deployed using Docker.

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Smart Broccoli

Sep to Nov, 2020

An educational app for collaborative quiz taking, built with PostgresSQL, Node.JS, Firebase Messaging, Socket.IO and Flutter.

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COMP90024 Assignment 2

Apr to May, 2020

Full stack website visualising harvested Twitter data, built with React, Node.JS, CouchDB.

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Another Authenticator

Early 2019

A two-factor authenticator app built with Flutter.

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COMP30022 Project

August to October, 2018

Capstone project for B-SCI, built with a Node.JS backend and an Android app client.

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April to June, 2018

A full stack web application written for INFO30005 (Web Information Technologies).

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Late 2016

A Google App Engine app and my first foray into backend web development.

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June to September, 2015

A beautiful collection of abstract visualisations.

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February to August, 2014

A minimalistic Periodic Table of Elements, coded in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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