OSS 2021

An ongoing post about my OSS contributions in 2021.


  • PR #9760 is a followup PR to #9688. It configures Actions to trigger on pull requests and changes the README badge from travis to Actions.
  • PR #10393 replaces mongodb-topology-manager with an adapted implementation (for future CI upgrades).
  • PR #10679 adds test for latest Ubuntu LTS alongside pre-existing older version through strategy.matrix.


  • PR #85 reduces minimum username length to 1.
  • PR #86 reduces docker image layers by moving some steps to the build stage.
  • PR #95 allows static assets to be embedded using pkger.
  • PR #97 is a followup PR to #95, and fixes CI releases.
  • PR #107 removes legacy configuration code.
  • PR #111 adds GitHub Action to publish docker image to Docker Hub on release.
  • PR #130 is a simple fix for a migration which fails for sqlite.
  • PR #167 switches from pkger to golang’s embed.
  • PR #217 adds Alpine image.
  • PR #220 adds removal of unix socket on start.
  • PR #233 fixes some javascript errors caused by conditional display of summary page (has data vs. no data).

And more


  • PR #311 docker_auth fixes arm64 Docker builds.
  • PR #6 comp90024 fixes a dead link and some typos.
  • PR #1 mail.katmail.xyz fixes TLSA script typos.
  • MR #59 newsflash-gtk fixes a meson build issue.
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