Hello World

print("Hello World")

Hi and welcome to my blog.

Since this is the first post, I thought that it would be appropriate to outline the stack that I used to build the site.

The site

Site generator - Having used Jekyll for a previous project, I was happy with the features that the generator provided and decided to use it again. However, unlike last time, I chose to write the theme from scratch this time round, albeit borrowing a minor portion of the syntax and styling from minima, the default theme.

Images - Images were downsized and optimised with zopflipng and jpegoptim.

Hosting - I tried the static web hosts of Gitlab Pages (with Cloudflare), Netlify, and Firebase Hosting. I arrived at the decision of Firebase as I wanted to avoid managed DNS (in the case of Netlify) or the use of an intermediate proxy server (in the case of Cloudflare).

Continuous Integration - A GitLab pipeline is used to build and deploy the site.

Domain registration - I chose Google Domains as it recently became available in Australia and had many positive reviews. Though it is slightly more expensive than some of the alternatives, it was straight forward to set up and provided for an excellent experience.

Update: I have since switched to Cloudflare Domains and Pages, with GitHub Actions to build the site.


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